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LAT - Safety and Leadership Training

Capability is not achieved by simply being qualified!! Live Action Training only has one goal: “produce capable people”.

Critical Incedent Response Training

Train to Survive, Manage or Operate in an Emergency Environment. Live Action Training has three purpose built Critical Incident Response Training courses tailored for Places of Mass Gatherings. Utilising proven modern military tactics, techniques and procedures gained from years of operational experience L.A.T has created a suit of CIRT courses designed to improve your survivability in a domestic hostile environment.

You’re only as good as the people that train you! Instructed by Ex Special Forces personnel with a focus on individual capability and Situational Awareness (SA) these courses rely heavily on scenario type instruction in order to immerse our students in a survival culture.

Instructors experience equals ability

Our instructor staff has extensive experience from some of the world’s most hazardous environments. Years of teaching enable our staff to identify specific student learning requirements or needs. We practice what we preach all of the LAT instructors are hands on operators.


“Very much appreciate having some idea how to respond in emergency events such as these, especially with the Commonwealth Games around the corner. Very topical subjects”.

“Felt more empowered to effectively respond in emergency scenarios. Immersive scenarios were excellent, informative and life based as opposed to the more ‘vanilla’ traditional fire drill exercises”